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There will always be need of Fresh Blood & Platelets and being passionate about saving lives through simple and innovative ways by using information technology I wish to eradicate the problem of shortage of fresh blood & platelets at-least in this part of the world through Jodhpur Blood Donors”

I’ve always believed in serving humanity and with inspiration & blessings from my parents You & I Foundation, Jodhpur Blood Donors, i-Lead, Team Green Campaigns, Door Step Schools and many other small social initiatives focus on one thing that is to bring together like minded people who have  passion for humanity and respect for humans, who believe in serving & giving back to the society and want to bring a change & contribute to the development of the less privileged, bridging the gap between the learned and the unlearned through Education, Awareness & Empowerment. Youth Volunteers are our core strength and we deeply believe in the concept of stimulated volunteerism.

Vishal J. Davis
+91- 957100200

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